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  • due process
  • economic justice
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  • peace
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  • shelter
  • families
  • immigration
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  • arts
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  • sustainability
  • wilderness
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  • land use
  • energy
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 The Front Page Report

A report on the Health Security Act.

Heath Security for all New Mexicans is ready to push the Health Security Act through the legislature in 2019. We have a chance to lead the rest of the country to a true cooperative health care system. Recall in Canada it was Saskatchewan, one of the smallest and poorest provinces that implemented a health-care system that became the model for the rest of the country. We can do the something similar  here. read more on www.nmhealthsecurity.org

Thew will be a training on December 8th. Check the Calendar for details.

Jemez Mountains Electric Coop

As a result of our continued presence and pressure, the  Board of Trustees is taking the first steps toward a local green energy economy.  The first 2.5 Megawatt array will be in Alcalde on county land near the transfer station. Ground has been broken for a similar one in  Cuba. In addition, JMEC is in talks with the eight Northern Pueblos to build several solar arrays on tribal lands. In May elections for the Board of Trustees take place and we need to be ready to make some changes to the Board. Eighty years ago in La Cueva a handful of pioneers launched Jemez with 100% renewable power - a small hydroelectric plant It is now our task to return to those roots and build a sustainable energy future for our children and grandchildren.


Recently about 25 of us met with our new State Representative, Susan Herrera, to discuss legislative priorities. Susan is an energetic and enthusiastic supporter of early education, the Health Security Act, tax reform, the environment and renewable energy, animal rights, wildlife, and public lands. We also discussed the importance of acequias and protecting agriculture. We are planning a similar meeting with Joseph Sanchez who represents District 46. There is also a League of Women Voters legislative training on December 8th which you should consider attending.


NM resistance is allied with Somos Espanola to protect our friends and neighbors from the anti-immigrant forces of the Trump Administration. We are fortunate to have some of the most forward-looking sanctuary policies in the nation. An example is the policy we worked to have adopted by the Espanola School Board.  A link to it is here.  EspañolaSchoolDistrictSanctuaryPolicy


As always, we encourage you to subscribe to the News and Alerts and to log in to write, comment and enter events. If you need your key again, let us know and we’ll also provide complete instructions. Thanks to all of you for standing up for progressive change.

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