From the Summit

“Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Martin Luther King quoted. While it expressed his faith, he knew justice is not achieved without struggle and has no defined end. We reach some goal only to realize there is further to travel, as each rise leads to a new horizon. And, as we learned this year, there are those who would pull us back and erase the progress made.

These are not easy times. I will admit to periods of discouragement and near despair. However, I believe on Saturday in Albuquerque I felt the tug of that horizon. As progressives gathered in the Convention Center, there was a sense we were moving along the same paths with shared purpose. Whether it was reaching out to a child in poverty, rebuilding a community, or saving some part of the natural world, decent people were working each day for the good of others. It is how progress is made.

Our presentation with Retake Our Democracy was well received. Our plan, ambitious yet practical, is to create a platform to which we can commit ourselves and our elected officials. That outline will emerge as progressives across the state respond to and prioritize a list of legislation for the 2019 session. Success will require we elect good people and hold them accountable. It requires an electoral strategy and a legislative strategy.

First we are going to primary two incumbent Democrats here in the north to help clear the way for legislation. Then, with our partners around the state, we’ll turn as many Republican seats as we can Democratic and we’ll elect a governor who recognizes this unique opportunity.  It will take a coordinated effort to inform our elected officials and to overcome the influence of money in our political system. However, if in April of 2019 we have enacted and signed into law a solid number of measures reflecting our goals of economic, social, and environmental justice, we will shift the narrative from failure to hope. It is how the arc is bent.

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  1. Thanks again for your hard work and guidance and inspiration. Lynda and I and friends went to the Santa Fe March–cold, but fun–and, as you said– bits of hope and positive possibilities. Mostly takes follow through and voting–and a little bit of work from each of us. It will add up to the positive, progressive future.

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