We can build a society with opportunity for all which respects and protects the natural environment, and where the power of the government rests in the people.


New Mexico Resistance is a local group based in Northern New Mexico and born in the passionate activism of the Women's March on Washington. We follow the lead of that ongoing movement while planning our own actions and lobbying for a progressive agenda.

We Are Indivisible! - Espanola  was created to share information about local, New Mexico, and national issues, to plan effective social action and support each other in acting as a community to promote social justice, environmental stewardship and service to humanity. The group follows the Indivisible Guide to public action and coordinates with the national organization.

At the national level we also coordinate with Organizing for Action which is working for lasting change and creating a new generation of progressive leadership.

We respect.
We empower.
We include.
We act.

We have roots as well in the ongoing political revolution started by Senator Bernie Sanders.

Our Revolution


The purpose of this site is to act as a clearinghouse for information related to citizen action. Resources are collected from a network of committed individuals and organizations. The site does not solicit money nor speak for affiliated organizations

If you live in Northern New Mexico and would like to contact the organization you may email Lee Goodwin at goodwin@cybermesa.com  orcontact@nmresistance for information.