Cover of Darkness

Well, here we go again with the ‘healthcare’ bill from hell, that like a zombie in a late-night movie, refuses to die. We all thought Trump and Ryan might tire of winning after the previous failed attempts, but apparently every day is a brand new one for these two.

This most recent incarnation is a series of trade-offs intended to provide cover for Republican House members, and lame promises which are directly contradicted by the bill itself. Why not just come out and say the rich don’t like paying taxes that may go to helping people pay for healthcare and that it is fine when people go untreated or go bankrupt trying to get treatment?  That would at least be honest.

So while the discussions take place in the dark with no voice for patients and doctors, the outlines of the plan are eerily familiar. It would still trash Medicaid. It would still shift the burden to older Americans. It would still allow insurers to offer paper policies they can weasel out of ever paying a dime on.  And it would take the money saved and give some very wealthy people and companies a trillion dollar tax cut, which is its real purpose. Then, House Republicans can pat themselves on the back and move on to the serious business of more tax cuts for the rich.

We can hope this comes back to haunt them in the midterm elections. That will be the time to repeal some Republicans and replace them with individuals who possess a conscience and moral compass. Then we can move on to creating the reasonable and compassionate system of universal healthcare this country deserves and to which each of us has a right.



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