Four Days To Go

It’s official. The House has passed the Energy Transition Act on a 43-22 vote and this landmark legislation is now headed to the Governor’s desk for her signature. New Mexico will now be committed to the highest standards in the country for clean, 100% carbon-free energy.

Michael Sperberg-McQueen sat in the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday and reports the Health Security Act did not appear on the agenda. However, we have late-breaking news that the funding necessary for studying how to finance health care for all New Mexicans is in both the House and Senate budgets. This is going to happen!

Michael was also present for a the debate over decriminalizing abortion and saw it pass the Judiciary committee. That is HB51. As we reported earlier, the National Popular Vote initiative (HB55) was passed out of committee on a 5-1 vote. There were charges that a last second change to the agenda prevented opponents from attending, but it looks like New Mexico will be joining 12 other states already in the compact. Also the ‘Motor Voter’ bill was headed for Senate floor where it should have been the first order of business this morning.

Both the House and Senate are still in session as of this hour on Tuesday. However, there is momentum behind these bills and Monday was certainly a successful day at the New Mexico legislature. Encourage our representatives to keep up the good work!

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