La Migra

The grownups sat on their long chair called couch

And talked of the weather, the dew of the blossoms’ morning

And what might happen to us, the children.

Mom said don’t leave the house, not without

Papers. Do I dare speak of the papers hoarded

In corners? How many more poems can you write

About a face spackled with fear before

It holds you? The reader aiming, too.

Let us find a charcoaled corner, you and I,

Where we will lay these words. Leave children

To sleep in windowless rooms. The mother

Biting a prayer. The country weaving a tomb.

– Jose Antonio Rodriquez


Our Mission

Rio Arriba and Española have some of the best “sanctuary” ordinances in the country thanks to the work of organizations like Somos Un Pueblo Unido.. However, the struggle continues with the current administration planning to hire 15,000 more ICE and border patrol agents. We are called to protect immigrants and those who are most vulnerable and to combat hatred against the people of other cultures.. We will speak truth to those in power. We will stand with those who are threatened. We will not yield to racism and bigotry.

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