Legislative Update Sunday March 3rd.

We are down to the final couple of weeks of the session and there is lots of action and plenty to do.

House Bill 55 to elect the president by popular vote is stalled in the Senate Rules Committee. Let’s get it unstuck! Go to the Senate Rules Committee’s website and scroll down to the list of committee members:


There are several campaign finance and ethics bills before the Rules Committee as well:

The two Voter Access Bills – HB 84, AUTO VOTER REGISTRATION AT MVD & ELSEWHERE and HB 86, ELECTION DAY & EARLY VOTING REGISTRATION – passed the House after many hours of debate and numerous attempts at filibusters.

These bills are now pending before the Senate Rules Committee. Please urge the committee to get these bills scheduled as soon as possible.

The NM Ethics Commission enabling legislation (HB 4) unanimously passed House Judiciary. We need to contact House Appropriations Chairwoman Rep. Patty Lundstrum and committee members to reaffirm $1 million in funding for a strong commission.

HB 295 Health Security is on the House Floor TONIGHT (Sunday)! The debate should be interesting.

SB 279 (the Health Security Act in the Senate) is still waiting to be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Sen. Richard Martinez is chair of the committee–and a Health Security Act sponsor.

Call him on MONDAY MORNING at 505-986-4487 (his number at the Roundhouse) between 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM, thank him for co-sponsoring SB 279 and ask him to please schedule the bill for a hearing in Senate Judiciary as soon as possible.

Health Security is making steady progress despite opposition form the usual suspects–lobbyists for the insurance industry, and the NM Association of Commerce and Industry.

Here’s another one for Senator Martinez. The state agency that regulates oil and gas operators hasn’t been able to hold them accountable for pollution since 2009. Call your Senator NOW to make sure they vote in favor of giving critical regulators back their power.. Check out https://www.congressweb.com/cvnm/186/ for information.

And a third call to the senator. It’s time to protect long-time immigrant families residing in New Mexico.

Urge him to support immigrant families by backing SB 196, which is coursing through the Senate to continue New Mexico’s proud tradition of welcoming, protecting and integrating immigrants.

Click here.

Animal protection bills are meeting opposition, but we can make a difference.

Click on the logo for more information on what you can do.

Keep up the good work. We are making progress happen!

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