Lost at the Summit

Confused and isolated, with no desire or ability to advance the interests of the United States – that was the image that emerged of Donald Trump at the G20 Summit this last week. As he wandered between photo ops, you could feel America’s influence in the world slipping away to Russia and China, two authoritarian countries whose leadership will be far different than ours might have been. Trump has accepted Putin’s denial that Moscow interfered in the 2016 presidential election despite our intelligence community’s unanimous finding otherwise. In fact, he‘d like to team up with the Russians to create an “impenetrable cyber-security unit” to protect our voting process. As a first step we could collect all the state voting lists and voter information and create a national database to share. Or, as Representative Schiff pointed out, we could just mail our ballots to Moscow.

Simply and seriously put, our nation was attacked last year, and it is clear that this attacker will continue to come after us and our allies. What is going on between Trump and Putin is beyond reason.

We’ll never know what they actually discussed because there are no notes and Tillerman has already contradicted himself, claiming first that there was a lengthy discussion of the Russian hacking and then saying the two decided not to spend time relitigating the past. Tillerman says they discussed sanctions. Trump says they did not. It is handy there is no record.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world forges ahead tackling climate change while we sit dead in the water. Nations turn to China for trade agreements while we withdraw. Trump gets his Chinese trademarks. There is silence on Tibet.

It is past time to pull the plug on this sorry show.


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