Memorial Day

Memorial Day and a Mission

For many, Memorial Day is the start of summer and a an excuse to dust off the grill. It is also, however, a day of solemn remembrance.

My dad was a veteran of World War Two. His unit landed at Normandy, freed Paris and fought their way across Europe to the Rhine. He never talked much about the war. He said he had seen enough ruin and destruction for a lifetime. Those men and women faced a great threat with courage and determination. Because they were willing to sacrifice all we have the opportunity to build a society founded on freedom and equality, self-governing, and under the rule of law. Certainly the best way to honor those whom we remember this Memorial Day is to try and uphold the ideals they fought for.

In our time we face perils on a number of fronts. The rule of law being undermined by a president incapable of understanding those ideals. He heads an administration based on division, deceit and corruption. It creates false narratives, imagining immigration as a threat while deliberately ignoring a runaway climate that could end civilization itself. It will take a huge effort to right things, but that groundswell, that wave, will be the result of all the ways each of us work to bring about positive change.

One place to start is with our local electric co-op. The Board of Trustees has acted like a private club, unresponsive to the needs of ratepayers and slow to move toward renewable alternatives. The current disarray and dysfunction is not acceptable and must end.

Three positions are up for election this year. Take a look at this map to see if you live in one of those districts. Here is the schedule:

The District 4 election will be held June 21at the Co-op’s offices in Española. District 4 includes Chili, Chamita and other areas from Santa Clara Pueblo north to Medanales including Lyden and La Canova west of the Rio Grande River.

Patricio Herrera is running against Lucas Cordova for the District 4 seat.

Vote for Pat Herrera.

The District 5 election will be held June 24 at Española Valley High School. This district covers Velarde, Dixon and other areas located in Rio Arriba County east of the Rio Grande River..

Trustee Victor Salazar is the incumbent candidate.

Vote for Dixon resident, Stanley Crawford.

The District 6 election will be held June 26 at the old high school in Pojoaque. It includes El Rancho, Nambe, Pojoaque and surrounding areas located in Santa Fe County.

In District 6, we support the incumbent, Bruce Duran

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The 2020 local, state, and national elections are now less than 18 months away. It is time to get involved in the process of choosing candidates who will work for us.

Senator Udall, who is retiring, will be missed for his dedication, decency, and honesty. Representative Ben Ray Lujan has announced for that seat along with Secretary of State, Maggie Toulose Oliver. Maggie was in town a couple of weeks ago and, as always, I was impressed with her genuine concern for people and her willingness to fight for the values we share. If you would like to help her, a group is meeting this Thursday for a postcard party at the Nambe Community Center at 6:00. They are asking people to donate a roll of postcard stamps to the cause. This is a great way to get in on the ground floor of a campaign to elect the first woman senator from New Mexico. I should add that Ben Ray has family roots here in the North, experience with Washington politics, and would certainly serve us capably.

I haven’t heard much from those running to replace Representative Lujan in the House. Joseph Sanchez has announced along with Valerie Plame and others. If anyone is involved in one of those campaigns and wants to get the word out, let me know.

In the meantime, keep up the good fight. We will prevail.

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  1. I made a mistake, confusing the Jemez Election outreach meeting in Nambe on Thursday with a Maggie Toulose Oliver event. Please note that the postcard party is connected to the Jemez Board elections. I hope to see you there and I’ll let everyone know of the next event in the campaign for the Senate.

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