Monday Mission #14

Last week I directed you to the FCC site to comment on a proposal to turn the free and open internet into a pay for service network. That period closed on July 17th. Reply comments can still be left at the site until August 16th. I am biased. I have a small online seed business which would suffer under the new scheme. A lot of sites like mine would effectively disappear or take forever to load. However, I think we can all agree that giving monopoly control to cable providers is not a good approach.

If you care about bees and the safety of our food supply then please ask that the following pesticides be banned from use in the United States. Neonicotinoid compounds are responsible for the loss of bee populations and other pollinators. I have lost several hives as a result of the widespread use of these poisons on fruit trees. They are also applied directly to seeds and then persist in the system of flowering plants. Over 40% of the crops we depend on for food are bee pollinated. Neonicotinoids are also deadly to aquatic life.  Again, the comment page is here.

Thanks once more for standing up and speaking out.

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