Monday Mission #27


This week the Environmental Pollution Agency took the first step to abandon the Clean Power Plan. As the Union of Concerned Scientists points out: The EPA has scrapped the argument of its own lawyers, the analysis of the Justice Department, and the research of government scientists.  And it has substituted that expertise with the legal analysis of none other than Scott Pruitt, back when he was the Oklahoma Attorney general actively suing the EPA over this very rule. This action, based on a legal technicality, was lifted from the brief filed by Pruitt and his pack of polluters.

The Obama administration plan would have cut carbon emissions 30% by 2030 and realized health and environmental benefits of between 26 and 45 billion dollars annually by that date. That economic analysis has been removed from the EPA site. We forced the government to back off changes to the methane rule. Let’s stop this end run as well. Comment here.

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