Monday Mission #42

Welcome to the Monday Mission, which is probably landing in your inbox on Tuesday morning. It’s a busy time of year. We’ll look at a couple of issues having to do with health and safety.

A recent amendment to the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946 will require the labeling of bioengineered, that is, genetically modified ingredients in food. That sounds like a pretty good idea. Actually, the foods won’t be labeled with those words. There will be a stamp like the ones you see below where the ingredients and nutritional information go.

The symbols are quite pleasant – unlike genetic modification of the food chain which has a less idyllic history and purpose. At the risk of hurting the feelings of Monsanto and others in the industry, I’ll point out that most of the work in this area has been either to make crops resistant to powerful weed killers or force the plants to generate potent insecticides.

These companies are also responsible for the patenting of plants, which amounts to the wholesale theft of our shared heritage. How about this symbol instead?

The comments are open through July 3rd. Follow this link.


This next initiative is getting a lot of attention. As you know a ‘bumpstock’ allows the shooter of a of a semiautomatic firearm to initiate continuous firing with a single pull of the trigger. These devices convert an otherwise semiautomatic firearm into a machinegun. The proposal is to outlaw bumpstocks and require they be surrender or destroyed. This single action won’t stop gun violence, but fixes an obvious problem. It also lends credence to the argument that banning weapons works – just as the lack of grenade launchers and surface to air missiles in civilian hands probably makes us safer. You may support the proposed ban here.

As always, stand for what is right. Let no power take your voice.


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