Monday Mission #50

Trump and his friends in the fossil fuel industry will be remembered for corruption on a massive scale. They dumped millions into his campaign and then additional millions into the slush fund known as his inaugural committee. The administration, in turn, rescinded National Monuments to open wild areas for exploitation, planned the destruction of the Arctic wilderness, attempted to abolish rules regarding methane capture, pushed through stalled oil and gas pipelines, and worked to allow the dumping of coal mine waste in streams and rivers.

However, it is on the issue of climate change – specifically carbon emissions – which the Republican Party, this administration, and the executives and shareholders of these companies will someday be held accountable. As seas rise to flood coastal cities, fires rage across mountains and plains, drought withers crops, and torrential storms threaten lives and property, these are the people pushing the planet closer to the edge.

If a trial were ever held for these climate criminals, the following proposal to replace the Clean Power Plan with ‘affordable energy’ guidelines would be a key piece of evidence. The Clean Power Plan was put in place to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. That reduction of 32% by 2030 was a start and actually had a net economic benefit as outlined in this report by the Union of Concerned Scientists. You could save at least 1,400 American lives a year, Earth’s climate, and some money as coal plants were cleaned up or retired. This EPA proposal pairs with earlier plans to let cars emit more pollution and a restriction on using health data in assessing changes in regulation.

Let the greedy and amoral officials heading the EPA know where you stand. The comment period ends October 1st.

This next issue is related to workplace injuries and a bit off our usual path. OSHA would like to rescind the 2016 requirement that shops with 250 employees or more provide a detailed account of injuries that occur on the job. The claim is made that confidential medical information could be released. I can’t see how asking the company what injury occurred, the circumstances of that injury, and what equipment the employee was using compromises privacy rights. It could lead to a safer workplace, which would seem to be in the interests of the employer. You may comment here.

We are now just 56 days from the midterm elections. Republicans control all three branches of the federal government. If Democrats were to take at least the House, oversight and investigation might rein in the open bribery of officials in the executive branch. That would be the first step toward rebuilding the government and regaining the trust of the American people. At the state and local level we need progressives and environmentalists to provide a firewall against the destructive actions of federal agencies. You have heard it before. This may be the most important election of our time.

This Saturday we’ll begin canvassing San Pedro and La Mesilla for Lujan Grisham for governor. If you can help, plan to meet at the community center a little before 10:00. This race will be won or lost here in the North. We can’t leave anything to chance.

Over the next several weeks we will publish our choices for local and statewide races as well as alerting you to opportunities to swing nearby districts. All that can be accessed on the Elections 2018 page here at New Mexico Resistance.

Keep up the good fight.

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