Monday Mission #52

The calendar is winding down to the election, now a mere 6 weeks away. My hope is that on November 6th we can take the heavy burden of elective office from the shoulders of many, if not most, Republicans. They knew how to win elections, but not how to govern honestly and responsibly.

A Democratic governor and legislature are the first step in fulfilling the promise and the potential of New Mexico. After eight years of Susana Martinez, a sensible government which works for the people will be welcome. That is why this Saturday we will go door-to-door for Michelle Lujan Grisham in the governor’s race. The idea is to touch bases with good Democrats who don’t always get to the polls in midterm elections. If you have not canvassed before, this is a wonderful opportunity. The people you contact are almost invariably interested and great to visit with. We will meet at ten in the morning at the campaign headquarters. Directions are here.

The confusion over Rod Rosenstein at the Justice Department this week may just be a smokescreen to distract from the Kavenaugh hearings. However, should Trump force Rosensteins’s departure, that would clearly lead to a constitutional crisis where the president declares himself no longer bound by the laws of the United States. We should be prepared to take to the streets. The plan is to rally at the nearest federal courthouse, which in our case is in Santa Fe at 106 South Federal Place.

At the big story is the proposal by ICE to set up federal detention centers or camps for immigrant families which would no longer be subject to the usual state licensing requirements. This would allow Homeland Security to hold families seeking sanctuary together until they can be deported. We might expect these to be permanent and secure facilities run by the for-profit prison industry. ‘Unaccompanied’ children would go into foster care programs. A child could not be accompanied by a sister, brother, aunt, uncle, or grandparent, even if the parent had died on the way north. A kid who causes any ‘disruption’ could be transferred to juvenile detention. It all seems less about effective immigration policy and more about cruelty. There has been enough of that already.

Migrants have been housed in unsanitary cells with criminals. They have been denied food and water in unbearably hot holding pens. Children have been forcibly drugged. That is a matter of court record. See ‘motions to enforce’ in the document. We are better than this. Comment here.

And finally, research facilities which use animals for experimentation have petitioned the Department of Transportation to force airlines to carry their animals. In the past, many airlines have refused, given what goes on a these research centers. I take the position, which I realize is considered radical, that we do not have the the right to use animals, particularly fellow primates and mammals, as research objects even if that research would lead to advances in human medicine. You may not want to go that far in your argument, but certainly weigh in here.

Thanks again for standing up and speaking out. Together we will make this a better world, more just and more humane.

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