Monday Mission #53

We will not forget.

Brett Kavanaugh’s angry attack on members of the Judiciary Committee, his unfounded accusations, his deception and fabrication, demonstrated precisely why he was not qualified to sit on the court. By elevating him to that high position, Republicans undermined the legitimacy of the Supreme Court and the rule of law. They will be held to account because we will turn them out of office this election. We will flood the polls. And every one of us who enters a voting booth will be thinking how Republicans disgraced themselves, how they chose political power over country, and how they ignored the voices of those courageous women who confronted the lie that is Judge Kavanaugh.

America has been held hostage by a corrupt president and his administration for 100 weeks now. Great damage has been done to our institutions, our civil protections, and our environment, but much has been averted because we spoke out. At issue this week are a couple of proposals by the Forest Service. The first is to ‘streamline’ the approval of oil and gas drilling in national forests and grasslands by lifting the “regulatory burdens that unnecessarily encumber energy production”. Nothing has been written yet. However, you can be sure that job is in the capable hands of the fossil fuel lobby. Your comments can be seen as a shot across the bow of those who would trample our forests to extract the last drop of oil for profit. Comment here.

The Forest Service would also like to make some changes to mining regulations. I believe the plan is to increase the search for mineral deposits, specifically for ‘critical’ minerals such as uranium and thorium. The Trump Administration published a list of 35 of these commodities necessary for national security in late 2017. The legacy of uranium mining in the Southwest would lead one to view any expansion with skepticism. At one time there were over 4000 uranium mines in the Four Corners region and across Navajo lands. Thirty million tons of uranium were extracted and then the mines were abandoned. Eventually the worst culprit, Kerr-McGee, paid $1 billion to the Navajo Nation for cleanup and as compensation to people living with the effects of uranium contamination. There is a lesson here. The Forest Service will be taking your comments until October 15th.

The election is now less than a month away. On the website we are beginning to compile a comparison of candidate’s positions on the issues. As always, keep up the good fight. There are better days ahead.

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