NM Resistance and Espanola Indivisible

New Mexico Resistance and We are Indivisible! Espanola will meet together for the second time on May 6th from 3:00 to 5:00 at Siri Chand Khalsa’s home. Her address is 1026 San Ildefonso Street in Espanola. That is just off McCurdy Road and easy to find.

You may recall the two groups gathered for the ACLU People Power training, which was a great success and which led to discussion of teaming up on a more permanent basis.

We now believe we have a format that allows us to draw on the talent and energy of both organizations to resist and defeat Trump’s agenda.

We are hoping to launch several campaigns immediately that have the capacity to engage everyone at some level. Three we are prepared to go with are protecting the environment, standing up for immigrants, and winning back the Senate and House and as many local and state offices as possible. We should discuss any other issues that have broad support as well.

Clear your calendars for the 6th, because this will require each and every one of us. We are stronger standing together.


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