Oh, Susana!

What is with Susana Martinez? Comparisons have been made with Gary Johnson, who governed by veto, but Gary used the line item veto to advance his libertarian philosophy. It is not clear why the current governor vetoed every line of funding for legislative operations and every line in appropriations for our colleges and universities. One staffer was quoted in the New Mexican as saying “That’s not just mean. That’s nutty.”  I’d say nutty and spiteful because the only explanation we’ve heard is that this was payback for not confirming several of her nominees to college board of regents.

Two thirds of the legislature are required to overturn a veto and it wouldn’t take more than an hour of our representative’s time to do it. Afterwards they could get some lunch and head home. That is precisely what we should encourage them to do.

It’s a shame that other business cannot be considered during a special session, because I would like to see Governor Martinez called before the legislature to answer some questions. I would like to know why she vetoed three bills increasing government transparency while touting her commitment to clean government.  Someone should ask why she vetoed hemp trials which would help struggling farmers and solar initiatives which could employ thousands of New Mexicans.  I’d like to find out what her plan is for the budget. The one sent to her was developed with help from her staff and passed with overwhelming bipartisan support. Above all, I would like to know why Susana remains governor if she has no interest in governing.

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  1. She is nutty! Is there a way for the legislature to call their own Special Session to deal with “our” governor and her vetos or is she the only one with that power?

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