Running in Reverse

silence is consent

In some parallel universe the United States is still moving forward, creating opportunity, becoming more just and more decent, protecting its citizens, and still a beacon of hope to those around the world. In our universe the reverse is true. On multiple fronts the current Republican administration would have America in full retreat, rolling back decades of progress and returning us to a time before healthcare was widely available, when robber barons ruled the economy, women were second-class citizens and minorities knew their place.  Try and think of a single initiative coming from Congress and the White House which would advance this country rather than repeal its future. They would replace Obamacare with no care, renewable energy with fossil fuels, community policing with militarization, and economic justice with trickle-down tax policies. It is a disgrace.

We have a year to set the stage for a progressive wave in the midterm elections. In two special elections to replace Trump cabinet picks, one race is tied and the other is within striking distance for the Democrat. That shows the level of intensity on our side.

In the US Senate, Democrats are at a disadvantage, having to protect seats in 10 states Trump won. We have better odds flipping the House despite the gerrymandering of our opponents. That is why tools like Swing Left and others are so important. It is still an uphill battle, requiring the defeat of 80% of the Republican incumbents who won by less than 15 points last time.

And, ahead of the 2020 census, we need to regain a number of statehouses and governorships. If you look here, you can see opportunities in states that now lean Democratic.

You can also see how much work there is to do. As we organize over the next few weeks to win races in 2018, let’s think of ways to lend a hand in some of these states and districts. Sometimes it is just a matter of reaching out to someone we know who lives there. Elections can be won and lost by a handful of votes as we learned this last November.  Winning will put the brakes on a runaway Republican regime. Then slowly, but surely, we can begin to pull forward again.


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