Our goal is to take back our country from the current regime and move it in a more progressive direction by supporting progressive candidates, protecting and strengthening Democratic majorities, encouraging the New Mexico Democratic Party to become more progressive, and flipping the Republican majority in the House and Senate by supporting Democratic candidates in swing states/regions wherever (and whenever) possible. Specific actions we propose:          

  • Help with fundraising/phone banking for Democratic candidates in other states in upcoming special elections 
  • Help “take back the House” by supporting a Democrat for Southern Colorado’s House District 3 in 2018 (travel by bus & help the campaign) and identifying other such campaigns that we can add our energy to.
  • Organize a voter registration event.
  • Organize voter education events to distribute information on upcoming elections to be aware of and getting out information on candidates.
  • Work on electing more progressive candidates at local/state/federal level through recruiting progressive candidates for our local NM legislative seats, supporting the Democratic candidate in the upcoming ABQ Mayoral race, endorsing a candidate for governor
  • Get more involved in the Rio Arriba Democratic Party.
  • Partner with other organizations (Retake Our Democracy, Swing Left, Our Revolution) to help achieve these, and other, goals.