A number of us are committed to changing the direction of our local electric cooperative away from fossil fuels and toward clean renewable sources of energy. This will not happen overnight, but we plan to take the first steps by supporting candidates for the Board of Trustees, attending the membership meeting and pressing our case in the media.

Here are the bylaws of the co-op: JMEC-BYLAWS

This link is to the Board policies and procedures.

We need to encourage a complete rewrite of these bylaws. Much should be in a separate policies and procedures document. At the same time, these bylaws do not cover some aspects of governance which are essential to the organization.

These are the  JMEC Articles of Incorporation

Here is a link to the most recent financials, and the minutes of recent board meeting one of our members attended to give you an idea of the agenda and how the board operates.

And here are your fearless trustees.

Luis Torres gives a detailed plan to cut JMEC’s ties to Tristate in this  letter to the editor.

Chuck Wright found a study of Tri-State and opportunities going forward which is absolutely fascinating reading and a gold mine of information. Here is the pdf file.

This is a little technical, but here is the decision by the FERC regarding the application by Delta-Montrose on which we hope to base our argument to the board.

We are allied with the Renewable Energy Action group which is planning a fall energy festival and also is working to present online tutorials through Northern New Mexico College. The contact is Luis Torres (luis87567@cybermesa.com)