Treacherous Times

Deep currents are surfacing in our society, revealing the debris of past civil and cultural wars, of people left behind and lost, and threatening to overwhelm the institutions which form the foundation of America’s experiment in self-governance. Democracies which don’t address economic inequality become oligarchies. At its most basic level, Trump’s message is that we are no longer a democracy. He is the oligarch who now reflects the will of the people. That is untrue. To make it true would require our consent.

Trump believes himself above the law and not bound by norms of behavior. He is also a man caught in a scandal which tightens each day and with which he is obsessed. It would not be a complete surprise if he sees a way out in firing the special council, Mueller.

In times like this your individual actions do matter. Because government still depends upon your consent, you can find ways to be a small barrier. Enough of us, each a small barrier, can combine to form a barricade against unlawful authority. In the event Trump decides to derail the investigation, we should should plan to take to the streets immediately in every city across the country. Specifically, we would travel to the nearest federal courthouse, which is in Santa Fe. If it seems now a remote possibility, think how many other unlikely events have occurred. Let’s be prepared.

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